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About Culinary Delights Farm

Culinary Delights Farm, is a small family-owned CSA farm operated in Big Lake, MN. We've been providing quality vegetables, fruits and herbs to our members for over 13 years.  Our commitment is to grow the most delicious, beautiful, high quality produce the earth is able to offer. 

CSA or Community Supported Agriculture creates a direct relationship between a member and our farms - a partnership.  In essence, it is a mutually beneficial arrangement, where in exchange for a member's commitment to buy a share in our harvest, we commit to provide exceptionally high-quality vegetables. fruits & herbs and deliver a bountiful portion of them every week of the season.

We work with five local family farms that use a blend of organic and sustainable farming methods. No GMO seed varieties are grown.  We provide the utmost quality and variety in this area and bring all the best of these local farmers' harvests to the community in a weekly share box. 

We offer several payment options including Credit Cards, PayPal and Installment Plans.  Purchase your share today!
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